In collaboration with therapists with decades of experience in early childhood development, the running bike’s geometric shape has been optimized for safety, ergonomics and behavioral patterns. The result is a running bike that draws on competent and experienced therapists and designers. In addition, children’s behavior and reactions when riding, turning, mounting and dismounting were extensively documented. The result is reflected in the construction of our running bike.


The MORES running bike has been tested according to the latest European guidelines EN71 and EN14765 to offer your child the highest possible level of safety.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of children, yours and ours alike, is of the highest priority. Safety measures were considered even in the very first hand sketches, and were carried through to the final development stage. Based on our own experience and the input of therapists, we have developed the most advanced running bike on the market today.
Safety begins with the MORES running bike’s weight. The patented monocoque technology developed specifically for this project offers safe and secure riding by virtue of easy manoeuvrability.
Steering dampers and limiters have been intentionally ignored to prevent the child from falling onto a protruding handlebar end. Unfortunately, these devices are still sold to the public as safety measures.
All materials used in our running bike are of mostly natural origin (i.e. leather), and in any case have been tested for mechanical failure and chemical safety (for poisons such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) or softening agents (DEHP)) and certified.


Through intensive cooperation with therapists, the frame’s geometry and components have been adapted to the needs of children. Since children in their younger years are very different in size, weight and ability, countless geometric adjustment options have been built in. The most important parameter is the seat which can be adjusted far more flexibly than available through any other manufacturer. Saddle pitch and shift as well, as the stem’s height, can be adjusted to match your child’s requirements. Included are two carbon seat tubes which allow a saddle height adjustment, ranging from 345mm up to 435mm.

Ergonomic Grips

With the right equipment, kids will ride for kilometers at a time. Therefore, as the first manufacturer worldwide, we have designed and implemented the optimal grip, shaped for your child’s hands. Our research shows that children have longer endurance when provided with a well-positioned grip, and can ride much further at a time with increased levels of happiness. And, in contrast to all other manufacturers, we decided early on to avoid narrow grips and let the child decide where and how he or she would like to hold the handlebar.

Ergonomic Brake Lever

The Petitpierre has brake levers specially designed for a child’s hand, ensuring a nice, safe feeling when braking


We are one of the few manufacturers to offer your child a brake. In contrast to many other running bike manufacturers, the brake is mounted on the back wheel. This eliminates dangerous falls due to overturns, slips, etc. In addition, the brake cable runs inside the frame.

Integrated Footrest

Getting the hang of riding is also easier with the Petitpierre running bike. When learning to ride, your child can use the integrated footrest while you do the pushing. When riding becomes routine, your child will love using the footrest for some brief relaxation or more fun on gradual slopes.

Ultra-Narrow Hub Design

Designed especially for this running bike, the hubs are the narrowest available on the market. The advantage is that your child will not be susceptible to injuries caused by wide hubs. Our hubs are only 75mm in thickness; the usual width is 120mm to 145mm.

Saddle Suspension

The patented cushioning technology in the saddle ensures shock absorption, more riding comfort and better flexibility in positioning the saddle to suit your child’s body and movement.

Integrated LED Lights

We are the first manufacturer worldwide to have integrated lights in to our saddle and the ergonomic hand grips to offer your child the highest possible level of safety in the dark or in conditions of limited visibility.

Zone Cut Saddle

A central opening in the middle of the saddle reduces pressure on the most sensitive areas, whether for boys or girls. The opening also promotes the flow of cool air through the saddle.