How much does the Petitpierre weigh?

The Petitpierre’s CFRP frame weighs only 600g! The fully equipped Petitpierre has a weight of 3,4kg!

When can my child start using the Petitpierre?

The Petitpierre’s saddle can be adjusted from 345mm to 435mm in height (two seat posts are included). Your child should have a minimum body height of 86cm and he/she can ride the Petitpierre until they choose to use a pedal bike.

Is there a steering limitation?

No, none! Integrated steering damper or limiters may be harmful to your child’s face or belly since the handlebars may not fully twist horizontally when they have an accident.

Do I need any tools?

No, since everything is pre-assembled!

Do I need to assemble the bike?

No, it comes 100% pre-assembled and wrapped in protective sheets!

When do I receive my Petitpierre?

Depending on where you live, not more than 2 weeks after transferring the payment. Details are listed on the receipt that you will receive once an order is placed.

A certificate is included in the package. Why do I need it?

This is the certificate of ownership which includes the serial number of the Petitpierre running bike.
You are registered at MORES with your name combined with the unique serial number of the bike which allows you to use our special customer service.

Is there an option to customize the Petitpierre in colors and components?

Yes, everything can be fully customized!
Contact us for more details!