Jan 7 '12

Welcome to Epic adventure

Enter at your peril, past the vaulted door. Impossible things will happen that the world’s never seen before. In Dexter’s laboratory lives the smartest boy you’ve ever seen, but Dee Dee blows his experiments to Smithereens! There’s gloom and doom when things go boom in Dexter’s lab! The year is 1987 and NASA launches the […]

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Dec 19 '11

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mores technology

Integrated 1 1/8″ Headset
Minimalistic design in every detail! The integrated headset not only looks more...

Laser-Engraved Surface
Aluminum parts are laser engraved, making lettering and logos practically immune to...

Stress Optimized
Our combined experience in both the aerospace industry and aesthetic design have...

Advanced Molding Technology
Our patented, elaborate frame is made possible by a technology that eliminates...

Integrated Cable Routing
All components and parts have been either carefully selected or conceived especially...

Organic Design
Borrowing from the beauty of classic bicycles, the Petitpierre running bike's organic...

X7 Technology – High Tensile Composites
Thirty years of experience with carbon-fibre are incorporated into this bike...

Ultra Low Weight
A key characteristic of children’s running bikes is weight. The MORES running...